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Early Notation:

Meet the 21st Century

Early Notation Typesetter ('ENT')

allows anyone to recreate early notation

from the comfort of any web browser.

Tired of reading blotchy, messy, scribble-covered facsimiles?

ENT is designed to (re-)typeset music printed from 1500 to around 1650 in a mindset resembling that of the original typesetters as closely as possible.

Combining the ease of a word processor with the power of notation software, ENT is capable of quick and attractive entry thanks to a flexible, hybrid mouse and keyboard entry system.

ENT generates readable facsimiles in minutes with minimal effort.

 Compared to modern notation software, which is designed around the mindset of music engraving, ENT is custom-built to handle typeset notation.

Whether you're using a laptop on the go, or on a desktop workstation at home or the office, ENT runs in most modern web browsers* and is designed to allow rapid, painless entry with a wide range of control inputs including keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen.

*ENT is designed and tested in Google Chrome, and should function in Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge. Other browsers may not be supported.

Hand-traced from originals; powered by 21st century technology.

Unlike with physical type, it is now possible to not only represent each character as a piece of type, but procedurally create each piece of type as it is needed.

Each unit consists of staff lines and one (or more) shapes; each one of these components is an individual, parametrically adjustable, vector graphic. This means no two pieces of type will look exactly the sameā€¦ unless you want them to! In addition, using vector graphics also means the notation can be scaled infinitely, just like modern computer fonts.

Meet the Fonts

ENT is a complete Early Notation system, whatever your needs.

In addition to music fonts, ENT also includes a suite of custom historical text fonts, built from high resolution scans using machine learning, capable of displaying an extensive range of historical ligatures and symbols.

ENT's repertoire of early notation abilities is constantly expanding. Consider supporting the project as we seek to add new features and expand the available fonts.

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